Deliver Voicemail Messages to Mobile Phones WITHOUT Making a Call

Our fully compliant RVM system is arguably the best way to get direct response from prospective buyers.

With Rapid Engage we combine ringless voicemails with direct mail, email marketing, and Facebook advertising making an unstoppable direct response campaign that will generate tremendous opportunities quickly.

You record your voicemail...

Step 1: You record your voice message

Simply record an audio message on your cell phone or landline by calling the phone number we provide.

We send your voice message out

Step 2: We send your voice message out

Our servers will communicate with the servers of your prospects cell phone provider directly. No phone calls are ever made.

Your voicemail is sent to the recipient...with no ring!

Step 3: Recipient receives ringless voicemail

Presto! Your prospect receives a notification that they have a new voicemail, assuming they must have missed the call. Often this prompts them into calling back.

The Numbers Don’t Lie…

Listening Rate
Less Expensive Than Direct Mail
FCC Compliant
Cost Per Lead
affordable and effective

Affordable and Effective

Since there is no postage involved the cost to do ringless voicemail drops are very low. While these work tremendously well when coupled with direct mail they are super effective as a standalone service.

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quick turnaround time

Rapid Turnaround Time

Need to sell some last minute units before the end of the month? Our ringless voicemail campaign can be ready to launch in hours not days.

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we stay fcc compliant so your business can stay as effective as possible while still remaining government compliant

FCC Compliant

With so many laws governing how and when you can reach out to prospective customer, it is important to remain compliant. We scrub data against DNC lists prior to sending, PLUS, since you never make a phone call, RVM services don’t follow the same rigid restrictions as other phone call campaigns.

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You only deal with highly trained automotive experts who understand how your digital efforts translate into actual revenue for your car dealership.


What is better than highly trained automotive professionals? Highly trained automotive professionals combined with technological breakthroughs.

Numbers Don’t Lie

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